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Posted by NimbusCumulus - August 14th, 2022

woooooooooooooo its time for da impromptu news!11!

ive been working on a lot of music lately, be it projects im not allowed to disclose or whatever

im reworkin some tracks ive made in the past and adding some unique elements, extra sections if you will

been talkin with a couple ppl recently and im prepping some goodies that i hope are cool when they get published publicly!!!! chrono aint so dead after all and i am really happy that the og artist decided to help me finish it for good

workin on shit that i like and that my guys and i like are cool n crap cuz we all enjoy creating stuff, cant work on a passion project without passion!

on a side note, im rly glad ring ring isnt so repetitive on the vocals now, really needed a minor rewrital at parts, and some sort of encore section.

im also gonna try to reupload some tracks that i never reuploaded from my old account because apparently theres ppl going around saying they made my songs when in reality they didnt.

about real life news (that no one really cares about aside from me lol) ive been working on myself and disposed of a lot of unhealthy habits and got page blocking addons to get rid of bad influence, been trying to stay in my room for these couple of days cuz my grandpa got covid and i dont want covid a 5th time.

ive been also talking to people that i used to have problems with back then, and kinda apologized of my own actions.

im really glad that im improving as a person, and i like the new me, it feels like going back in time yanno?

i also got some couple friends IRL and thats neat!!

though, despite all the good (and bad) stuff thats been goin on, i did lose friends at the expense of people from the fnf community, former friends i would say.

but honestly i dont care anymore because despite everything im still standing and feeling funky, in a good way of course.

that, and i realized terrible things said people have done.

theres also a couple things that people have been going around saying about me like makin this random song from the sonic.exe mod called digitalized i think? it wasnt me lmao, i dont have any project files for that song and the 3.0 team probably hates my guts lol.

i think i should also pronounce myself on the lullaby situation, i was feeling really iffy on the quality of my songs when compared to the update roster, i wanted to rework them but i didnt have the time so naturally i approached the programmer which was a terrible idea (because i shouldve approached the director) and i wanted to find a middle ground thinking that removing the songs was a bad idea since removing songs => having to find new musician => more delay.

at the time i was extremely fucking depressed and i worded myself like ass and the arrangement that the programmer and i got to i think was
"if there is no one you can get to replace the songs, then you can keep them but if you do get someone try to replace them."

never really got word from them, until "that" happened, and it was then that i got informed of everything by the programmer out of spite, not too long before i got blocked by everyone on the team (aside from some people like razencro, etc. he is actually a real good pal for the short time ive talked to him.)

but yea that was all da news, see ya ciaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!




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